Understanding the DDS System - Your First Steps

  • Step One:  Understanding the Connecticut DDS Home and Community Based Services Waivers:  A Guidebook for Consumers and their Families.  DDS has created this very basic and  easy to read guide  which provides information on how to access and maintain needed services and supports.  It provides background information about  the Medicaid HCBS waivers, how to access and receive waiver supports, how to choose the  right services and how to assure the quality of those services.   The guide explains basic service elements such  as eligibility, case management, individual planning, individual budgets, priority checklists, level of need and the  regional Planning and Resource Allocation Teams. 
  • Step Two:  Understanding the Application Process for New And Additional Services/Supports and Enrollment Procedures for the MR HCBS Waiver:  This is the actual DDS procedure that outlines the application, enrollment and decision making for services and  supports available through  DDS under the HCBS Wavier.  

  • Step Three:  Understanding the Administration of Requests for Day and Residential Supports and Services.  This DDS procedure describes the standard process  for responding to requests for residential and/or day supports.  It includes an overview of the Planning and Resource Team allocation and priority process.  In addition to the current procedure, all future requests for group employment  or group day services for individuals with a Level of Need of between one and three will  require a written justification that outlines the reasons for not requesting individual employment supports for the DDS consumer. 

  • DDS Commitment to Employment First:  DDS Employment First Policy and Procedure:  On April 13, 2011, CT DDS implemented a new employment First Policy Statement.  This policy requires that all graduates and individuals with a Level of Need of 1,2, or 3 have an employment goal in the Individual Plan (IP) that will assist them to move towards obtaining a community-based competitive job.  Individuals who have severe medical or behavioral issues may  be exempted from this  requirement.  Reasons for the exemption must be documented in the Individual Plan. (DDS Employment First Policy)

    The DDS Employment First Procedure describes the internal process for DDS staff and providers to implement the Employment First Policy. (DDS Employment First Procedure)