TO: DMR Regional Directors, STS Director, CTH Coordinators, Private Providers
FROM: Daniel A. Micari, Director of Quality Assurance, Division of Quality Management
DATE: January 11, 2006
RE: Safety Alert


This Safety Alert is to advise all agencies, agency personnel and others who directly assist DMR clients, of your responsibility to be mindful of and attentive to the specific support and supervision needs and risk factors for these individuals.

Be especially aware of client safety in the areas of extreme weather conditions, dietary requirements including food consistency, transportation safety, mobility, adaptive equipment use and maintenance, medication administration, hot water safety, bathing and personal care, water safety and any other client needs for individual safety.

To make all personnel aware of this and other Safety Alerts issued by the department, you are required to develop a tracking system to assure that all existing and new personnel have read and signed that they have reviewed the department's Safety Alerts. Documentation of tracking will be reviewed during quality review of your agency.