TO: DDS Regional Directors, STS Director, CTH Coordinators, Private Providers, CO Quality Management Personnel
FROM: Daniel A. Micari, Director, Quality Management Services
DATE: December 2, 2013
RE: SAFETY ALERT: Ongoing problem of bed bug infestations across the United States
Safety Alert
This Safety Alert from the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS) relates to the ongoing public health problem of bed bug infestation across the United States.
See the web link below for further information from the Connecticut Department of Public Health.
The DDS is providing (via the suggested web link noted above) important information regarding the identification of, and appropriate treatment response to, infestations.  Additional infestation prevention measures are also included.
In order for DDS to monitor infestation occurrences, service providers must notify, as soon as possible, their usual DDS Regional contact person and Daniel A. Micari, Director, DDS Quality Management Services of the following:
• The date of and location of the initial infestation,
• All actions to address the infestation,
• Final verification of resolution of the infestation problem.
Please be advised: Private and public service vendors are required to develop a tracking system to assure existing and new personnel have read and signed that they have reviewed the department’s active Safety Alerts.  Service vendors are also required to assure adherence to any specific service requirement(s) identified by the department in each active Safety Alert.  Documentation of adherence to an active Safety Alert’s specific service requirement(s) and implementation of the service vendor’s tracking system will be reviewed during quality reviews of the service agency.