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DDS Supports and Services Training

This training is designed for new Department of Developmental Services (DDS) employees such as program managers and supervisors, case managers, clinicians, quality reviewers, resource managers, quality coordinators, licensed facility specialists and other staff who will have a role in assisting individuals and families to plan and access quality services and supports.  Overview sessions provide basic foundation to the department and how our supports and services are structured.  Complimentary to the overview, DDS Supports and Services briefings offer more specific information on the following topics:  DDS Divisional Overview, Case Management Basics, Supporting Families and Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Legal Issues and Concerns, Benefits and Enrollment, Policy and Procedure Overview, Level of Need Assessment Tool (LON), Orientation to Service Systems, Choices and Options, Individual Plan and Quality, Individual Budget, Planning and Resource Allocation Team (PRAT) and Self Directed Services.  The overview session will be offered several times annually.  Briefing topics will be offered annually for new employees.