Abuse and Neglect, Critical Incident, and Human Rights Training

Training Overview:
The Department of Developmental Services Abuse and Neglect Prevention, Critical Incidents, and Human Rights training is a set of seven learning modules that will train staff on identifying and detecting different types of abuse and neglect, understanding what a critical incident is, and how to report both abuse and neglect and critical incidents.  This training will also review human rights, The Charting Life Course Framework for a trajectory of a good life.  This training also educates staff on positive behavior supports and person centered and respectful language.  This training must be completed yearly by all DDS staff and DDS funded private provider employees. 

Training Quiz and Attestation Form Information: 
DDS employees should contact dds.training@ct.gov to be assigned this training in Saba for completion.  Private provider employee’s that are completing this training should contact their training coordinator for quiz and attestation form information to reflect completion internally at their agency. 

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