Health Standard #07-1 Dysphagia

Guidelines for Identification And Management of Dysphagia And Swallowing Risks (PDF, 65 KB)
Attachment A - Medications and Dysphagia Swallowing Risks (PDF, 37 KB)
Department of Developmental Services Nursing Health and Safety Assessment (DOC, 431 KB)
Attachment C - Swallowing Episode Report Form (SERF) (DOC, 65 KB)
Attachment D - Swallowing Evaluation (DOC, 124 KB)
Oral Motor Assessment By an Occupational Therapist
(DOC, 25 KB)
Guidelines for Consistency Modifications of Foods and Liquids (DOC, 508 KB)
Attachment G - Fast Food Consistency Guide (PDF, 60 KB)
Attachment H - Aspiration and Reflux Precautions (PDF, 23 KB)
Attachment I - Meal Observation (DOC, 20 KB)
Attachment J - Meal Observation (DOC, 19 KB)

Note:  dysphagia training program can be obtained by contacting the Director of Health Services in each of the regions.