About Facilities Management

Facilities Management
The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) manages 335 buildings with over 1.6 million square feet of space throughout Connecticut. The facilities range from group homes, office buildings to residential campus settings. Some of the buildings were built as early as 1760 to the most recent in 2002.
In addition, DDS oversees utility systems and a major power plant. Facilities Management is responsible for all federal, state and local code regulations as well as safety, environmental, health and emergency requirements.
The Facilities Management provides direction and technical assistance to the department’s three regions. It oversees the following:
  • Project Approval & Funding, State Bonding, Capital Planning & Budgeting
  • Management of Project Design, Review, & Code Compliance
  • Oversight of Facility Maintenance and Repairs Act as Compliance Liaison w/ OSHA, State Fire Marshal, Dept. of Public Health, etc.
  • Limited Community Support / Grant Review
  • Space Planning, Leasing and Statewide Facilities Planning
  • Energy Management and Provide Technical Assistance Provide Regional Support (codes, inspections…)
  • Act as Liaison with several State Agencies
  • Special projects