Southbury Training School
Board of Trustees
Eileen Lemay, Chair; Ann Dougherty, Vice Chair; Mark Cooper, Secretary; Diana Mennone, Representative to the DDS Council on Developmental Services


The Southbury Training School Board of Trustees was established per Connecticut Statute Sec. 17a-271. (Formerly Sec.19a-446).  The Board is comprised of seven members, who serve without compensation, for a term of four years.  The members are appointed by the Governor to make recommendations to the Council on Developmental Services as it deems necessary, to advise the facility’s Director on general policies concerning the operation and administration of the facility, and to conduct annual inspections and reviews.

Over the past several years, the Board has worked closely with the Director in supporting the STS Administration’s successful effort to improve the facility while it remains in compliance with the provisions of the Consent Decree originally established in 1986.

The Board has also followed the legislative process as it affects the School.  It systematically reviews the activities of various clinical and support programs, including, among others, the Psychology Department, the Sloan Fitness Center, and the Health Services Department.  It has supported an initiative to expand dental services, making STS dental expertise available to community residents of the Department of Developmental Services' (DDS) West Region.  The Board has also begun discussions with members of the Southbury community about ways of ensuring the preservation of the agricultural portion of the campus, preventing conversion to housing or other commercial development.  
Sec. 17a-271. (Formerly Sec. 19a-446). Trustees. (a) The board of trustees of the training school shall consist of seven members, who shall serve without compensation except for reimbursement for necessary expenses incurred in performing their duties. On the expiration of the term of each member, the Governor shall appoint a member for a term of four years. The board of trustees shall establish rules of procedure for the conduct of its business.
(b) The board of trustees shall recommend to the council such matters as it deems necessary, shall advise the director of the institution on general policies concerning the operation and administration of the institution and shall inspect such institution annually.