Public Meeting Schedule - 2021
DDS West Region
Regional Advisory and Planning Council


Date             2021 Time Location  Agenda Minutes
January 21             
 4 pm Via Teleconference

February 18 - No meeting in
February because the RAC had a
 quorum in January

(*SNOW DATE* in the
event of snow in January;
if January meeting is held
no February meeting

     ---   ---
March 18 
 4 pm
Via Teleconference

April 15 

 4 pm

Via Teleconference

May 20
 4 pm
Via Teleconference 
(OFF June, July and August) 
September 16
 4 pm
Via Teleconference 

October 21

 4 pm Via Teleconference     
November 17
Statewide Joint Meeting with
the Developmental Council
 4 pm
Via Teleconference 
Susan Bastien
Chuck Bergamo, Chairperson
Lori Chiappiniello
Marina Derman, Co-Chairperson
Mickey Herbst
Gil Kellersman
Alison Jacobson
Cynthia Mancini
Roger McNealy
Karen Simon
Arlene Steinfeld
Cindy Stramandinoli
Phone: (203)805-7401