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Safety Alerts/Advisories
The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) issues Safety Alerts/Advisories to both private and public sector service vendors to apprise them of potential health concerns and safety hazards.  These publications specify what training must be provided to staff and what documentation must be maintained.  In addition to being sent to all vendors, Safety Alerts/Advisories are posted on the department’s web site so they can be readily available to all constituents.
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Safety Alert:
Safety Alert:
Safety Alert:
Safety Alert:
Safety Alert:
Safety Alert:
Safety Alert:
Safety Alert:
Holiday Decorations & Door Decorations - Fire Safety Guidelines to Assure A Fire Safe Holiday Season
Carbon Monoxide: The Invisible Killer - Informational Sheet
4/4/2007 Individual Safety Monitoring Devices
7/6/2006 Hurricane Advisory
6/1/2006 Summer Safety Alert  
2/10/2006 Client Funds
1/11/2006 General Safety Accountability
10/20/2005 Recall of Kidde Brand 10 lb. Fire Extinguishers
9/29/2005 Use of electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle
9/26/2005 Fire Alarm Systems
4/18/2005 Vehicle Access Precautions
3/28/2005 VAIL 500, 1000, and 2000 ENCLOSED BED SYSTEMS made By Vail Products Inc.
12/27/2004 Hot Water Temperature Safety Awareness
11/1/2004 Oral-B CrossAction Power / PowerMAX toothbrushes & refills
9/23/2004 Amusement Ride Supervision
6/9/2004 Hot & Cold Water Unit Dispensers
(re-issued 6/1/2004)
15-Passenger Van Safety