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Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 – The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) is issuing a warning about Michael D. Ranno, Jr., who is acting as a contractor. DCP has received 14 complaints about him since 2014, and nine (9) of those have been since September 2017. DCP currently has an open investigation into allegations that Ranno has taken deposits from multiple businesses throughout the state, performed little or no work, and failed to take out permits or started work without a permit.

Ranno does not hold any occupational or trade licenses, such as plumbing, nor is he registered as a home improvement contractor.

If you know of his current whereabouts, even if not in Connecticut since he has complaints in others states as well or you have additional information about his current business dealings, please e-mail

He is pictured in the photo below:

“Be sure to check that any contractor you are considering hiring is properly licensed or registered,” said Michelle H. Seagull, “Always ask if the contractor will be doing the work themselves or using sub-contractors, and if they are, who those subcontractors are. Always ask about building permits, and make sure your contract matches payments with the progress of the job.”
If you know of his current whereabouts and he is in Connecticut, please contact the police in that town to notify them that he has an open warrant for allegations of larceny and performing plumbing work without a license.
If you are a consumer or business that currently has a contract with Ranno that has not been fulfilled or for which he did work that requires a license or registration, please file a complaint to with our complaint form, any contracts, proof of payment and details about the work.  
Ranno is currently 54 years of age and uses multiple addresses including addresses in Cheshire and Meriden.  
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