Temporary exceptions and general information related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

General program related information

• All program functions continue uninterrupted. Patient and caregiver initial registrations and annual recertifications are being processed without any interruption.

• Any program related questions or communications should be made in the form of an email to dcp.mmp@ct.gov

Physician and APRN related exceptions

• Permit a physician or APRN to certify a patient and provide any follow-up care using telehealth services so long as all other requirements for the patient certification and all recordkeeping requirements are met

Patient and caregiver related exceptions

• Extend the expiration date for any patient or caregiver certification or registration that expires before June 1, 2020 by ninety (90) day, unless such expiration date is earlier modified, extended or terminated by the Commissioner

• Permit the Department of Consumer Protection to provide a replacement registration certificate for a patient or caregiver who has had their registration certificate lost, stolen or destroyed without charging a replacement fee.