Fire Protection License Application Path - Contractor

License Types:
  • F-1 Fire Protection Unlimited Contractor
  • F-3 Fire Protection Limited Contractor
Please review the scopes of work to determine which license type to apply for.

CT Residents Applying for a Contractor License:

  • Submit a copy of your current CT Journeypersons license and the date first issued; must be held for at least 2 years

Out of State Residents Applying for a Contractor License:

Contractor applicants need to prove the equivalent experience and training to that of a CT journeyperson, as well as an additional two years of on the job training and/or experience.  For example, F-1 applications require proof of 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and an additional two years for a total of 12,000 hours, and 576 hours of related instruction.

License type:         On the job training hours:                  Classroom hours:         

          F-1               8,000 + 2 years (4,000) =  12,000                    576

          F-3               6,000  + 2 years (4,000) = 10,000                    432


Submit the following documentation for proof of equivalent experience and training with your application:

  • Work history and/or resume

    Must include the number of years the journeyperson license requires and an additional two years of on the job training and/or experience, as required for the contractor license.  For example, F-1 applicants must prove six years of on the job training and/or experience

  • Letters from current or previous employer(s)

    Letters must be on company letterhead, dated, and notarized, and must include the dates of employment and a specific, detailed description of your on-the job-training and work experience, including all aspects included in the scope of work you are applying for. 

    NOTE: Letters that do not meet the criteria listed above will not be accepted.  This will significantly delay the processing of your application.

    NOTE: Do not submit W-2’s, 1099’s or tax returns for proof of your on the job training or work experience.  They will not be accepted.  Letters from employers are required. 

  • Proof of your business/experience as a contractor, if applicable

    Name of business and dates of ownership/contractor for your business

    Two of the following documents:  reference letters from clients, suppliers and/or inspectors and/or permits issued to your business for work conducted

  • Proof of related instruction

    Copies of transcripts, diplomas, and certificates for proof of completion of all required classes for the license type you are applying for.

    Example – F-1 and F-2 applications require 576 hours of classroom related instruction

    Note: On-the job training and work experiences CAN NOT be considered in lieu of the required classroom training.

  • Out of state apprenticeship completion, if applicable

    Certificate of apprenticeship completion in another state or jurisdiction

  • Out of state licenses, if applicable

All three items below must be submitted:

  • Copies of all occupational trade licenses held in any state or jurisdiction
  • Documentation including laws and regulations from that state or -jurisdiction that reflect the requirements met to obtain these licenses
  • Scope of work for these licenses   

NOTE:  Your out of state license will not be considered for equivalency unless all items listed above are submitted.  This will cause a significant delay to the processing of your application.

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