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Internet Filter Block Page

If you receive an Internet Filter Block Page, first look to see if the “User/Machine” is IPGROUP. If it is, it means that your computer has become unregistered from the Internet Filter System so that you will not be able to access sites beyond the State-standard filter, including all of the extensive exceptions which have been granted to your Division.
To fix IPGROUP, either reboot your computer or run the “Fix K: Drive & IPGROUP” shortcut. If you don’t have the shortcut installed on your desktop, you can drag and drop it from the K: Drive under Technical Systems Division folder. If IPGROUP persists after rebooting or running the shortcut, please report it as described in the next paragraph, with the explanation that IPGROUP is persisting.
If the User/Machine is not IPGROUP, please click on the link “To submit this blocked site for review, click here.” There is no need to contact the DCP.HelpDesk directly as we will be notified through the Internet Filter System of your request. Provide a brief business justification for your need to access the website in question. If there is any question about granting access, your justification may be forwarded to your Division Director for review.