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Consumers - The difference Between a License, Registration, and Permit

Know the Difference Between a License, Registration, and Permit

The Department of Consumer Protection issues numerous professional licenses and registrations as defined in State law, and all liquor permits and charitable games permits.

In general, the State usually requires a license for activity that is potentially hazardous, or  involves a specialized skill for which training is required.

Most occupational and professional licenses are granted by a professional body or licensing board composed of practitioners of the relevant occupation or profession. See “Boards and Commissions.”

For many licenses, an individual must complete certain education and training, and pass an exam in order to be eligible. Some business types are also subject to inspection. For specific requirements, find the license type on the Forms page. The Department of Consumer Protection issues licenses for the following occupations and professions.


Apple Juice & Cider Manufacturer and Bottler



Bedding & Upholstered Furniture Refurbisher/Seller

Closing Out Sales

Crane and Conveyor Operator

Controlled Substance Practitioner

Controlled Substance Laboratory

Drugs, Cosmetics or Medical

Devices Manufacturer or Wholesaler

Electrical work

Elevator work

Fire Protection Work

Frozen Desserts Wholesale License to Manufacture  

Frozen Desserts Retail License to Manufacture

Glaziers -- Automotive & Flat Glass Work

Health Club

Hearth Product Work

Heating and Cooling

Home Inspection

Irrigation Trades

Itinerant Vendor

Land Surveying

Landscape Architect

Machinist Trades

Medical Gas & Vacuum Systems (certification)

Mobile Manufactured Home Park, Seller

Operating Stationary Engineer

Pharmacist, Pharmacy

Plumbing and Pipefitting

Pool & Spa Maintenance & Repair

Professional Engineering

Real Estate and Real Estate Appraisal

Retail Gasoline Dealer

Sheet Metal Work

Shorthand Reporter

Sign and Outline Lighting

Solar Energy Work

Telecommunications Layout Technician

Television & Radio Work

Vending Machine Operator

Water & Non-Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturer and


Welding, Valves and Machinist Trades

Well Drilling

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Department of Consumer Protection registrations do not typically require proof of skill or education. In most cases, a “registration” requires the business or individual to provide name, address, telephone number, and some general information about the business.

The purpose of a registration is to establish a written record of who is providing certain services in the State of Connecticut.  It is not a guaranty of competency or expertise.

The following are occupational and professional categories for which the Department of Consumer Protection issues a registration. For specific requirements, find the registration type on the Forms page.

Bingo (see also Charitable Games permits)

Charitable Solicitation

Community Association Manager                            

Home Heating Fuel Dealer

Homemaker Companion Agency

Home Improvement


Interior Designer

Interstate Land Sales


Major Contractor

Mechanical Contractor

New Home Construction Contractor

Pharmacy Technician

Public Service Technician (Gas and Telephone)

Sealed Ticket Games Distributor, Manufr.

Sealed Ticket Machine Dealer

Student Athlete-Agent


Weighing & Measuring Device

Liquor permits, while not having educational and exam requirements, oblige applicants to provide financial information, evidence of local zoning approval, fire safety equipment and other detailed information. The primary types of liquor permits include the following.

Farmers’ Market Wine Permit                                 
On-Premises Liquor Permit
Package Store Permit
Grocery Beer Permit
Wholesaler Liquor/Beer Permit
Manufacturer Liquor/Beer Permit
Caterer's Permit (Off-Premise)
Wine Festival Liquor Permit
Out of State Shipper's Permit
Transporter's Permit

For specific requirements, find the permit type on the Application Forms page.

Charitable Game permits are issued for certain games and activities, including Bingo, Sealed Ticket games, Bazaars and Raffles.