Connecticut eRegulations System

Agency Regulations

Department Assistance to Psychiatric Clinics and Community Health Facilities

Section 17a-20-1. Application for funds

Application for funds under Section 17a-20 of the General Statutes shall be made on forms to be provided by the State Department of Children and Families, hereinafter referred to as the Department. The application shall set forth a definition of the principal towns and areas to be served by the applicant; background of the organization submitting the application; description of children/youth and families to be served; rationale and need for the service; service objectives and description of expected achievement or outcome during the total service period.

The applicant shall submit, upon request of the Department, details pertaining to its corporate status and authority, if incorporated, or other information pertaining to its legal status and authority.

The applicant and the Department shall develop the method proposed to assess the program's effectiveness. The applicant shall set forth a written plan by which it proposes to coordinate its activities with those of other community agencies and organizations presently providing mental health services to children/youth and their families or contributing in any way to the continuum of services to children/youth in the area. Copies of all formal agreements with other community agencies must be attached to the application.

The applicant shall describe on forms provided by the Department the personnel requirements and qualifications needed to carry out its program proposal.

A detailed budget of anticipated program expenses in implementing the proposal and a statement showing the anticipated income specifying the sources of such income must be included.

The applicant shall submit five copies of the application to the Department.

(Effective February 1, 1994)

Section 17a-20-2. Review of application

The Department shall review the application within sixty working days of the receipt of the application. The Department and/or the applicant may request review of the application by the appropriate Department Regional Advisory Council.

(Effective February 1, 1994)

Section 17a-20-3. Criteria

The Department, in making allocations, shall consider the extent to which the proposal contained in the application emphasizes the provision of mental health services that are designed to:

(1) effectively decrease the prevalence and incidence of mental illness, emotional disturbance and social dysfunctioning,

(2) promote mental health in individuals, groups and institutions, and

(3) provide indirect services such as consultation, public education and training. The grantee shall have available the services of a sufficient number of qualified mental health professionals. These professionals shall include, but not be limited to, child psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. When these qualified professionals are not available, arrangements shall be made to obtain equivalent services on at least a continuing consulting basis. There shall be a sufficient number of other qualified mental health professionals and para-professionals as necessary to carry out the clinical programs. These shall include, but not be limited to, other physicians, psychiatric nurses, educators, speech and hearing specialists, etc. There shall be an adequate number of support personnel to provide the necessary services for administrative and clinical functions.

(Effective February 1, 1994)

Section 17a-20-4. Method of allocation

(a) The allocation of funds made by the Department shall be on the basis of a contract or letter of award for services. Each contract or Letter of Award shall set forth the terms and conditions under which the award will be made, the manner in which payments will be made, the period for which awards will be granted, and will make reference to the specific programs described in the application; (b) if, after completion of payments under the conditions set forth in the contract or Letter of Award, it is determined by the Department that the total paid hereunder, together with income from other sources applicable to the program, exceeds the total expenses for the period of the award, the applicant shall be required to refund to the Department, the amount of such excess within thirty (30) days of such determination.

(Effective February 1, 1994)

Section 17a-20-5. Account reports

A complete account of income and expenses shall be maintained by the applicant in accordance with guidelines set forth by the Department and is subject to audit for a period of three years following the final date of the period for which the award is made. Quarterly reports of expenditures and income shall be made by the applicant on forms supplied by the Department. Other reports providing statistical data, statements of program evaluation, and other related material shall be submitted as required by the Department.

(Effective February 1, 1994)