Chapter 48

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Policy Manual: Adoptions

Topic / Policy Number

Introduction 48-2 
Philosophy And Principles Of Adoption 48-3
Definitions And Descriptions

Adoption Definitions 48-5-2
Adoption Review Board 48-5-3
Identified Adoptions 48-5-4
Open Adoptions 48-5-5

Adoption Specialist 48-6
Case Transfer Procedures When Goal is Adoption

Transfer Prior to Termination of Parental Rights 48-7-2
Transfer of Case Following Termination of Parental Rights 48-7-3

Termination Of Parental Rights In Probate Court

Filing Procedure 48-8-2
Probate Court Requirements 48-8-3
Alleged or Putative Father 48-8-4
Investigation and Report 48-8-5

Legal Risk

Legal Risk Homes 48-9-2
Legal Risk Placement 48-9-3
Role of the Courts 48-9-4
Legal Risk Period 48-9-5
Legal Risk Information Protocol 48-9-6

Availability Of Child

Children Eligible for Adoption 48-10-1
Registration and Photo Listing 48-10-2

Department Resources

Operation of the Adoption Resource Exchange 48-11-2

Assessment Of Child

Overview 48-12-1
Assessment Procedure 48-12-2
Foster Parent Assessment 48-12-3
Adoption Readiness Consultation 48-12-4
Adoption Assessment Time Frames 48-12-5
Adoption Plan 48-12-6

Preparing The Child For Placement

Preparation for Placement 48-13-2
Casework Aspects of Child Preparation 48-13-3
Procedures for Creating and Utilizing a Life Book 48-13-4

Selection Of Adoptive Family

Introduction 48-14-2
The Foster Family Considered as Adoptive Applicants 48-14-3
Adoption By Non-Foster Parent 48-14-5
Permanency Planning Team 48-14-6.1
Functions of Permanency Planning Team Members 48-14-6.2
Team Process 48-14-6.3
Selection Method 48-14-6.4
Forms for Permanency Planning 48-14-6.5
Multiethnic Adoptive Placements 48-14-7

Adoption Placement Process

Planning the Placement 48-15-2
Confidentiality 48-15-3
Criteria for Placement 48-15-4
Preparing Adoptive Family for Placement 48-15-5
Format for Child's Profile Attachment to 48-15-5
Clarification of Roles of Child's Social Worker and Homefinder 48-15-6
Pre-Placement Visits 48-15-7
Transition Process 48-15-8
Placement Procedures 48-15-9
CMS Coding at Placement 48-15-10

 Supervision Of Children In Adoptive Placement

Procedure for Supervision of Children In Adoptive Placement 48-16-2
Transferring to Another Region 48-16-3
Supervision When Foster Home Becomes Adoptive Home 48-16-5
Out-of-State Placements 48-16-6
Placement of Child Into Connecticut From Another State 48-16-7
Adoption Disruption 48-17

Subsidized Adoptions

Determining Eligibility 48-18-2
Certification of Special Needs 48-18-3
Procedures to Place the Special Needs Child In Adoption 48-18-4
Determination of the Amount and Type of Subsidy 48-18-5
Processing Subsidized Adoptions 48-18-6
When Is a Subsidy Granted? 48-18-7
Right to a Hearing 48-18-8
Hearing Process for Subsidies 48-18-9
State Medical Subsidy 48-18-10
Eligibility for Other Department Programs 48-18-11
Federal Subsidy Program: Title IV-E Adoption Assistance 48-18-12 
Eligibility Criteria 48-18-12.1
Program Requirements 48-18-12.2
Procedures for Eligibility Determination 48-18-12.3
Adoption Subsidy Review Board 48-18-13
Procedures for Name Change at Time of Placement 48-18-14
Medical Expense Subsidy 48-18-15 
Eligibility 48-18-15.1
Opening a Medical Expense Subsidy 48-18-15.2
Payment of Medical Bills not Covered By Department of Social Services 48-18-15.3

Reimbursement of Non-Recurring Adoption Expenses

Introduction 48-18-16.1
Federal Definition of Special Needs 48-18-16.2
Eligibility Determination 48-18-16.3
Non-Recurring Expenses 48-18-16.4
Notification and Approval 48-18-16.5
Post-Finalization 48-18-17
Request for Subsidy After Finalization 48-18-18


Processing Adoptions 48-19-2
Post-Adoption Services 48-20
College Assistance/Post Secondary Education Assistance for Adopted Children 48-20-2

Relative and Stepparent Adoptions

Applications 48-21-2
Legal Documentation 48-21-3
Allowable Blood Relationships for Adoption of Minors 48-21-4
Processing Relative and Stepparent Applications 48-21-5
Financial Statement Attachment A to 48-21-5
Cover Letter Regarding Adoption Papers Filed Attachment B to 48-21-5
Cover Letter for References Attachment C to 48-21-5

Withdrawn Cases 48-21-6
Filing When There Is Consent to Termination of Parental Rights 48-21-7
Filing When There Is No Consent to Termination of Parental Rights 48-21-8
Adoption Study and Contents

Interview With Adopting Parents 48-21-9.1
Study of the Child 48-21-9.2
Study of the Birth Parents 48-21-9.3
Where Adoption Is Questionable 48-21-9.4
Format for the Probate Court Summary Attachment to 48-21-9.4'

Completion of Proposed Adoption 48-21-10
Permanency Placement Services Program (PPSP) Program Description 48-22-2