Chapter 46

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Policy Manual:  Superior Court for Juvenile Matters

Topic / Policy  Number

Introduction  46-2
Authority of the Superior Court for Juvenile Matters 46-3-3
The Role of the Superior Court for Juvenile Matters and DCF  46-3-4
Mediation and Family Case Conferencing  46-3-4.1
Staff Roles and Responsibilities for Court Activities  46-3-5

Preparing for Court  46-3-5 (Attachment A)
Time Frames and Court Findings From Start of Case Through Order of Termination  46-3-5B (Attachment B)
Time Frames and Court Findings After Termination of Parental Rights 46-3-5C (Attachment C)

Glossary of Terms  46-3-6
Petitioning the Court  46-3-7
Preparing, Approving, Filing, and Tracking Petitions  46-3-8
Types of Petitions and Motions  46-3-9
Neglect Petitions  46-3-10

Request for Non Disclosure of Location Information 46-3-10A (Attachment A)

Paternity  46-3-11
Reasonable Efforts Before Filing a Petition  46-3-12
Affidavit Seeking Out-of-Home Placement of Child  46-3-13
Summary of Facts  46-3-14

Format for Summary of Facts  46-3-14A (Attachment A)

Social Study  46-3-15

Format for Social Study  46-3-15A (Attachment A)

Custody Affidavit  46-3-16
Motion for Order of Notice, Certified Mail  46-3-17
Diligent Search Affidavit for Parent’s Identity and Location  46-3-18

Military Affidavit  46-3-18.1

Order of Temporary Custody with Neglect Petition  46-3-19
Social Worker Affidavit for Order of Temporary Custody  46-3-19.1

Social Worker Affidavit Format  46-3-19.1A (Attachment A)

Order of Temporary Custody With Previous Petition  46-3-19-2
Case Management Conference - OTC and Order to Appear  46-3-19-4
Protective Supervision  46-3-20
Petition for Termination of Parental Rights  46-3-21.1
Termination of Parental Rights – Reasonable Efforts to Reunify  46-3-21.2
Poor Reasons to Delay Filing for TPR  46-3-21.3
Risks in Delaying the Filing for TPR   46-3-21.4
TPR:  Developing Strong Termination Cases  46-3-21.5
Filing Coterminous Petitions  46-3-21.6
Termination of Parental Rights – Summary of Facts

Format for the Summary of Facts for TPR  46-3-21.6A (Attachment A)
Termination of Parental Rights – Social Study  46-3-21-7
Format for the Social Study for TPR  46-3-21.7A (Attachment A)
Case Management Conference – TPR  46-3-21.8
Parental Consent to Termination of Parental  46-3-21-9
Rights TPR and Permanency Hearings  46-3-21.10

Motion for Review of Permanency Plan  46-3-22
Study in Support of Permanency Plan and to Maintain/Revoke Commitment - Transfer of Guardianship   46-3-22.1
Format For Study in Support of Permanency Plan/Maintain/Revoke Commitment - Transfer of Guardianship  46-3-22.1A  (Attachment A)
Motion to Maintain Commitment  46-3-23
Motion to Revoke Commitment and Motion to Transfer Guardianship  46-3-24
Motion to Transfer Permanent Guardianship  46-3-24.1
Mandated Reports to the Court for child for Whom DCF is the Statutory Parent   46-3-25

Format For The Study For Child For Whom DCF is The Statutory Parent 46-3-25A (Attachment A)

Other Motions  46-3-26
Status Reports 46-3-27
Amending Petitions  46-3-28
Required Documentation for Court Proceedings  46-3-29
Service of Process Introduction  46-3-30.1

General Procedures  46-3-30.2
For Neglect Petitions Without an OTC  46-3-30.3
For a Neglect Petition with an OTC or an Order to Appear  46-3-30.4
For an OTC or an Order to Appear When a Neglect Petition Was Previously Filed 46-3-30.5
For a Termination of Parental Rights Petition  46-3-30.6
For Coterminous Petitions with Order of Temporary Custody  46-3-30.8
Publication in Newspaper  46-3-30.11
Certified Mail  46-3-30.12
Return of Service  46-3-30-13

Families With Service Needs (FWSN)  46-3-31
Youth in Crisis (YIC)  46-3-32
Appendix of Court Related Forms  46-3-33
Probate Court 

Probate Court Best Practice Guide 
Authority and General Procedure 46-4-1
Temporary Custody  46-4-2
Removal of Guardian 46-4-3
Mental Health Commitments  46-4-4
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status  46-4-5
Voluntary Services Review  46-4-6
Probate 001
Probate 002