Chapter 41

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Policy Manual:  Foster and Adoption Services

This chapter contains the policies and procedures related to:
     the services for foster and adoptive families provided or managed by the Office of Foster Care and Adoption Services
     the responsibilities of the area office Foster and Adoption Services Units (FASU’s).

See Chapter 36 for policy and procedures regarding the placement of children into a foster home.

See Chapter 48 for policy and procedures regarding the placement of children for adoption.


Topic / Policy Number

 Foster Care Services, 41-1
     Foster Care Services Best Practice Guide
Children with Complex Medical Needs 41-7-2
Certification of a Child’s Complex Medical Needs  41-7-3
Post-Licensing Certificate Training Requirements for Parents of Children w/complex Medical Needs  41-7-3-A
Matching  41-7-5
Placement Plan 41-7-6
Exceptional Foster Care Rate  41-7-7
Assessment Process - Introduction  41-16-2
LexisNexis  41-16-2.2
Adoption Services 41-40-2.1
Technical Support 41-40-2.2
Registration of Children   41-40-3.1
Registering Children with Out of State Exchanges  41-40-3.2
Registering Children from Out of State  41-40-3.3
Registration of Families  41-40-3.4
CARE Book Photo Listing of Families  41-40-4.1
Specialized Recruitment  41-40-5.1
Wednesdays Child   41-40-5.2
Telephone Inquiries   41-40-6
Requests for Non Identifying Information   41-40-7
Search-Requests for Identifying Information   41-40-8
Subsidized Adoption Unit   41-40-10.2
Subsidy Request After Adoption Finalization  41-40-10.3
Review of Subsidy Agreement   41-40-10.4
Other Functions of the Subsidized Adoption Unit   41-40-10.5
Adoption Subsidy Record Forms   41-40-10.6
Subsidized Guardianship - Introduction   41-50-1
Application For Guardian Subsidy   41-50-2
Assessment and Recommendation for Guardianship   41-50-3
Application for a Guardianship Subsidy for Sibling   41-50-4
Determination of Type and Amount of Subsidy  41-50-5
Monthly Subsidy   41-50-5.1
Medical Subsidy   41-50-5.2
Exceptional Expense Subsidy   41-50-5.3
Length of Subsidy  41-50-6   
Motion For Transfer of Guardianship  41-50-7
Termination of Subsidy  41-50-8   
Guardianship Subsidy Hearings  41-50-9   
Preparation of Subsidy Case Record/Closure of Record  41-50-10|
Annual Review of a Subsidy  41-50-11   
Eligibility for Other Department Programs  41-50-12