Chapter 34

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Policy Manual:  Child Protective Investigations

Topic / Policy Number

Intake  34-1
Investigations  34-2
Operational Definitions of Child Abuse and Neglect  34-2-7
Criteria for Recommendation for Placement on the Central Registry  34-2-8
Family Assessment Response  34-3
Family Assessment Response Best Practice Guide
Removal of a Child
     Considered Removal:  Child and Family Team Meetings  34-10-1
          Considered Removal (CR-CFTM) Best Practice Guide
     Immediate Removal/96-Hour Hold  34-10-4
     Immediate Removal/96-Hour Hold: Procedures  34-10-4.1
     Order of Temporary Custody  34-10-5
     Consultation with the Assistant Attorney General  34-10-6
     Placement Considerations  34-10-7
     Visitation  34-10-7.1
     Continued Breast Milk Feeding During Placement  34-10-7.2
     Requesting a Foster Home  34-10-8
     KidPix  34-10-9
     Medical Examination of a Child  34-11

Special Investigations 
     High Risk Newborns  34-12-2
     Disabled Infants with Life Threatening Conditions  34-12-3
     Disabled Infants with Life-Threatening conditions: Investigation Procedures  34-12-3.1
     Safe Havens for Newborns  34-12-4
     Educational Neglect  34-12-5
     Operational Definitions of Educational Neglect 34-12-5.1
     Religious Beliefs of Parents Preventing Necessary Medical Care 34-12-7
     Special Investigations Unit:  Investigations  34-12-8
     Probate Court Appointed Guardian 34-12-10