Chapter 22

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Policy Manual:  Administrative Hearings

Topic / Policy Number

Introduction 22-2

Roles and Responsibilities of Participants

Hearing Officer  22-3-2
Department Representative
     Preparation for a Hearing  22-3-3.1
     Participation in the Hearing  22-3-3.2
Assistant Attorney General  22-3-4
Attorney or Advocate  22-3-5
Child  22-3-6
Parties, Witnesses, Observers, and Interpreters  22-3-7

Fair Hearings

Introduction 22-4-2
Notice of Proposed Action and Right to a Fair Hearing  22-4-3
Scheduling a Fair Hearing  22-4-4
Notification to Participants 22-4-5
Disposition and Decision  22-4-6
Records of Hearings  22-4-7

License Hearings

Introduction 22-5-2
Notice of Proposed Licensing Action and Right to a License Hearing 22-5-3
Scheduling a License Hearing  22-5-4
Notification to Participants  22-5-5
Disposition and Decision  22-5-6
Records of Hearings  22-5-7
Appeal of Hearing Decisions  22-5-8

Removal Hearings

Introduction  22-6-2
Notice of Removal Hearing and Right to a Removal Hearing  22-6-3
Requesting a Removal Hearing  22-6-4
Scheduling a Removal Hearing  22-6-5
Pre-hearing Conference for Removal Hearing  22-6-6
Party and Intervenor Status in Removal Hearings   22-6-7
Disposition and Decision  22-6-8
Independent Evaluator in a Removal Hearing  22-6-9
Records of Hearings  22-6-10

Treatment Plan Hearings

Introduction  22-7-2
Notice of a Right to a Treatment Plan Hearing 22-7-3
Scheduling a Hearing  22-7-4
Notification to Participants  22-7-5
Disposition and Decision  22-7-6
Records of Hearings  22-7-7
Appeal of Hearing Decisions  22-7-8

Parole Revocation Hearings (These policies were Sunset - May 2018)

Introduction 22-9-2
Notifications and Initiations of Parole Placement 22-9-3
Rights of the Child  22-9-4
Hearing Procedure  22-9-5
Disposition and Decision  22-9-6
Relocation Status  22-9-7
Roles and Responsibilities of Hearing Participants  22-9-8

Substantiation Hearings

Introduction  22-12-2
Notice of Substantiation Hearing and Right to a Substantiation Hearing 22-12-3
Requesting a Substantiation Hearing  22-12-4
Scheduling Substantiation Hearings  22-12-5
Party Status in Substantiation Hearings  22-12-6
Conduct of Substantiation Hearing  22-12-7
Decision and Record of Hearings  22-12-8