ISSUANCE NO. 2006-04

Subject and Number
  • Chapter 42, Adolescent Services, 42-1 through 42-21

  • DCF-632, Financial Assistance Required for Post-Secondary Education (Revised)

  • DCF-633, Statement of Financial Assistance for Post-Secondary Education (Revised) 

  • DCF-634, Confirmation of Financial Assistance (Revised)

  • DCF-635, Notification to Bookstore (New)

  • DCF-764, Community Based Life Skills Program Referral (New)

  • DCF-779, Notice of Age of Majority (Revised)

  • DCF-800, Notice of Proposed Denial, Suspension, Reduction, or Discontinuance of Department of Children and Families Benefits (Revised)

  • DCF-800a, Client’s Agreement to Suspend, Reduce or Terminate Department of Children and Families Benefits (Revised)

  • DCF-2091, Independent Living Case Plan 

  • DCF-2092, Adolescent Discharge Plan (Revised)

  • DCF-2095, Application for Re-Entry to Adolescent Services Program 

  • DCF-2096-A, Employment Search Verification Sheet (New)

  • DCF-2113, Request for Criminal Records Search 

  • DCF-2163, Request for Case Management Services Non-Per Diem Provider (Revised)

  • DCF-2163a, Request for Additional Case Management Service (Revised)

  • DCF-2166a, Service Agreement for CHEER Program (New)

  • DCF-2250, Adolescent Planning Conference Form (New)

  • DCF-2251, CHAP Contract - Initial (New)

  • DCF-2252, CHAP Contract – Ongoing (New)

  • DCF-2253, CHEER Contract (New)

  • DCF-2254, CHAP Non-Case Management Referral Form

  • DCF-2255, CHAP Referral Assessment Form

  • DCF-2256, Community Housing Assistance Form


This bulletin transmits revisions to the Adolescent Services chapter, which include new programs and updates to existing policies, according to best-case practices.  Some new sections include the following:   

  • Community, Housing, Employment, and Enrichment Resources Program (CHEER)
  • Adolescent Planning Conference (substitute for the Independent Living Case Plan) 
  • Decision to Decline Services 
  • Household Allowance. 

Revisions include changes such  as: 

  • Excluding youth who are married or active within the armed forces of 
    the United States from participation in Independent Living Programs
  • Renaming the formerly PALS program as the SWET program
  • Increasing the rent allotments statewide.
Effective Date August 3, 2006