ISSUANCE NO. 2004-13

Subject and Number

Subsidized Guardianship

  • Introduction, 41-50-2 (Revised)
  • Assessment and Recommendation for Guardianship, 41-50-3 (Revised)
  • Application for a Guardianship Subsidy, 41-50-4 (Revised)
  • Monthly Subsidy, 41-50-6 (Revised)
  • Medical Subsidy, 41-50-7 (Revised)
  • Exceptional Expense Subsidy, 41-50-8 (Revised)
  • Preparation of Subsidy Case Record and Closure of Area Office Records, 41-50-10 (Revised)
  • Termination of Subsidy, 41-50-12 (Revised)

These policies

  • Change the eligibility requirement for children in foster care from 18 months to twelve months
  • Delete certification language and replace it with licensure language
  • Explain in detail the protocol to access medical and exceptional expense subsidies, and  
  • Outline the preparation of closure for subsidized guardianship cases and the   termination of a subsidy.
Effective DateNovember 15, 2004