ISSUANCE NO. 2003-15

Subject and Number
  • DCF 2210, Notification of Investigation Results (Revised 7/03)
  • DCF 2210S, Notificación de los Resultados de la Investigación (Revised 7/03) 
ExplanationThis bulletin transmits the following:
  • Policies 22-12-2 through 22-12-6 and 22-12-8, 33-30 through 33-32, and 34-15-1, which have been updated to document the changes in time frames for requesting regional reviews and administrative hearings for substantiations to accommodate the development of an automatic expungement process in LINK; better define the Central Registry based on function; revise DCF-2210 and DCF 2210S to reflect new time frames.
Effective DateJuly 29, 2003