ISSUANCE NO.  2010-05


Subject and Number


Policy 46-2, Introduction (SCJM and Probate Courts), Policy 46-4-1 Introduction (Probate Courts), Policy 46-4-2, Immediate Temporary Custody, Policy 46-4-3, Temporary Custody, Policy 46-4-4, Removal of Guardian, Policy 46-4-5, Reinstatement of Parent as Guardian, Policy 46-4-5.1, Termination of Parental Rights, Policy 46-4-6 Miscellaneous Issues, Attachment DCF/Probate 001, Attachment DCF/Probate 002        

ExplanationThese seven revised and one new policy update issues pertaining to the Probate Courts. Embedded in the policies, where appropriate, staff will find two new forms which shall be used, when necessary, in all Probate Matters.
Effective DateApril 27, 2010