Welcome to the GAIN Information Website for Providers!


This page includes links to tools, resources and requirements for DCF funded substance abuse treatment providers required to use the Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAIN).  Click on the links below to access GAIN information specific to your needs.

Data Management
GAIN ABS Forms and Resources
GAIN Contacts
GAIN-Q3 Response Cards
GAIN-Q3 Training  Information
Instruments and Materials
Rules of GAIN Administration
Trainings for Providers


What does it mean to be a Data Manager?
Data Manager Welcome Packet
Data Manager Manual
Data Timeline 
Site Profiles Guide 

How to obtain a GAIN ABS Account  
Access Authorization Form


Getting Started with GAIN ABS
Installation of Stand-alone GAIN ABS
User Manual

Online Training
Accessing Q3 Online Training
Instructions - GAIN Q-3 Site training course



GAIN-Q3 Calendar 2017-2018
GAIN-Q3 Instrument
GAIN-Q3 Instrument - Español
GAIN-Q3-MI 3.2-1
GAIN-Q3-MI 3.2-1 - Español
GAIN-Q3 3.2 Manual
GAIN-Q3 Response Cards
GAIN-Q3 Training Instrument (includes tips for administration)
Guidelines for GAIN Administration

If you need information related to the GAIN that is not available through this website, please contact Melissa.Sienna@ct.gov for assistance.  For general questions about the GAIN you may also contact Chestnut Health Systems at gaininfo@chestnut.org.