For Agencies and Municipalities

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  • Enterprise Licensing System (eLicense)

    The Enterprise License System is a commercial off the shelf application that agencies can utilize for their licensing and credentialing needs.

  • Enterprise Messaging Services

    DAS/BITS Enterprise Messaging provides our customers with a single secure, highly available and flexible solution to meet your agency’s mission critical electronic mail communications and collaboration needs.

  • Enterprise Networking Practices & Standards

    The Enterprise Networking Services (ENS) group, in conjunction with other Agencies, establishes the Network domain of the Enterprise Wide Technical Architecture Standards on network implementations and approved vendors.

  • Enterprise Secure File Transport Services

    DAS/BITS is pleased to offer Executive Branch state agencies our Enterprise Secure File Transport (SFT) Service for agencies that need to share sensitive content between other agencies, or business partners in a secure manner.

  • Enterprise Storage

    The DAS BITS Storage Area Network (SAN) / Network Attached Storage (NAS) service provides a robust disk storage infrastructure utilized by both mainframe and midrange/ enterprise server platforms for the State of Connecticut client/ user community.

  • Examining Board for Crane Operators

    The Examining Board for Crane Operators, established pursuant to C.G.S. 29-222 assists the Commissioner with specifying qualifications for applicants for licensure, requirements for examinations, procedures for issuance and renewal of licenses and certificates of registration, and examination and application fees. The Board administers and established passing grades for licensure examinations.

  • Federal Surplus Property Program

    The Federal Surplus Program is designed for eligible participants to acquire property belonging to the federal government that is surplus to all federal needs.

  • File School Construction Change Orders

    All school construction change orders or construction change directives must conform to the terms and conditions outlined in the Change Directives Bulletin dated 4/21/16, and the Bulletin of Common Change Order Ineligibilities dated 2/10/16.

  • Fire Marshal Training Council

    The Fire Marshal Training Council is an advisory council to OEDM regarding training for fire officials.

  • Fire Prevention Code Advisory Committee

    The Office of State Fire Marshal is announcing its intent to adopt the 2018 Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code based on the 2015 edition of NFPA 1 - Fire Code. Technical review will be conducted by the Fire Prevention Code Advisory Committee in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal.

  • FOI Guidelines for Agencies and Municipalities

    Provide guidelines to agencies regarding the calculation of the fees charged for copies of computer-stored public records.

  • For Drivers of DAS State Owned Vehicles

    As a state employee it is your responsibility to drive courteously and obey all motor vehicle laws.

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are information systems application used for creating, manage, and analyze spatial information and Maps.

  • Help Desk Services

    The Department of Administrative Services Bureau of Information Technology Solutions (BITS) Help Desk serves as the single point of contact for all client information technology inquiries, requests and incidents.

  • Information Management Services

    This service provides for the development, execution and supervision of programs, plans, policies, practices and procedures that properly manage the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise.