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  • Public Auctions for State Surplus Vehicles

    The Department of Administrative Services, Surplus Property Program is the legally authorized agent in the State for the disposition of all usable property that a state agency deems surplus to its operating needs, including vehicles.

  • Public Safety Data Network

    The Public Safety Data Network (PSDN) is an ultra-high-speed fiber optic data network that serves as a dedicated transport infrastructure and interconnectivity pathway for public safety and government applications and services throughout the state.

  • Publications

    Find DAS Reports, Newsletters, Manuals, Policies

  • Purchase Surplus State-Owned Real Estate

    DAS Leasing and Property Transfer is responsible for selling surplus state-owned real estate.

  • Report Monthly Mileage and View Agency Billing for State Vehicles

    DAS Fleet Operations requires the mileage of our vehicles to be reported monthly.

  • Report State Owned Vehicle Accidents

    EVERY accident involving a State owned vehicle is required to be reported to DAS Fleet Operations within 48 hours of the accident.

  • Reports on the Condition of Connecticut's Public Schools

    Pursuant to C.G.S. 10-220(a), local and regional boards of education are required to “…report to the Commissioner of Administrative Services on the condition of its facilities…” The Office of Grants Administration is responsible for the administration of the school facility survey, and the collection and reporting of the data.

  • RightFax - Electronic Facsimile Service

    The Department of Administrative Services Bureau of Information Technology Solutions (BITS) Unified Communications Division maintains RightFax – a service that enables faxing from an email client and the elimination of dedicating equipment and network connections.

  • SBE/MBE Municipal Certification Outreach Program (Small or Minority Business Enterprise)

    The Department of Administrative Services periodically hosts information sessions in various communities. These sessions are targeted for small and minority business who may be interested in and eligible to become certified as a Connecticut Small or Minority Business (SBE/MBE).

  • SBE/MBE Program Certification Application (Small or Minority Business Enterprise)

    The Supplier Diversity Program, also known as the Set-Aside Program (“Program”), assists Connecticut Small and Minority Businesses (SBE/MBE) to identify business opportunities for improved economic growth.

  • School Building Projects Advisory Council

    The Connecticut School Building Projects Advisory Council’s mission is to provide recommendations and establish standards and guidelines for achievement on all major capital school construction, renovations, and alterations projects.

  • School Construction Change Order Forms and Eligibility Information

    Pursuant to the Office of Grants Administration policy every school construction project that files a construction Change Order must submit documentation to the Department of Administrative Services for review in order to establish a determination of eligibility.

  • School Construction Cost Estimate Filing Requirements and Procedures

    All school construction project grant applications must include a competed Estimate of Probable Costs, known as the Public School Construction Cost Database (PSCCD) through the State BizNet website. Only one (1) Design Team member or Local Education Agency (LEA) representative on the proposed school project will be allowed access to the database.

  • School Construction Priority List Projects

    The Office of Grants Administration annually submits a listing of school construction projects applying for grant commitments from the State.

  • School Construction Progress Payments

    The Office of Grants Administration processes payment requests for eligible school districts with projects that have been approved for State grant commitments. Payments are batched monthly and are paid electronically.