SBE/MBE Program Certification Application (Small or Minority Business Enterprise)

What's Next

  • Once your application is submitted, the application will go into an electronic queue to be reviewed by a Supplier Diversity Team Program staff member.
  • Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.
  • Applications may be subject to an onsite review during the application process.
  • If questions arise, a Reviewer may contact you for additional information.
  • If your company does not respond to requests for additional information within a two week period, the application will close. If your application closes, your company will then need to re-submit the application and the review process will start again as noted above.
  • If eligible and approved for certification, your company will receive an email notice of the certification status.  You will be able to print the online Certification document.  The Certification is valid for a period not to exceed two years.  
  • If ineligible, your company will receive an email notice indicating such.
  • Once certified, if your company makes any organizational changes, you shall communicate such changes in writing to DAS Supplier Diversity Program Team. DAS will determine if the change(s) impacts the company’s certification eligibility as a SBE/MBE as defined by the Connecticut General Statutes and/or applicable regulations.