DAS Procurement Training Event 2017

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DAS Procurement Strategic Business Planning 
This is the process DAS Procurement went through to develop a business strategy that improves how we deliver services to our customers.


Procurement 101 - Basic Procurement 
To familiarize State Agency staff with basic procurement guidelines


What's New in Technology?

Core-CT Upgrades and Improvements


Our Vision: “Innovation in Public Procurement Today and Tomorrow” 
DAS staff provided a brief overview of some of the initiatives of the Strategic Business Plan that supports continuous improvement, customer service and innovative business solutions. 


Customer Synergy Successes
Specific examples of how DAS Procurement, in collaboration with customers, worked together to change and improve processes and impact savings to the State of Connecticut.


Cooperative Contracts
Customers were taught the benefits and savings derived from cooperative contracting.


Resolving Conflicts between Contract Users and Contractors
Many contract users struggle with the appropriate course of action when a vendor fails to perform. This session explained to contract users the steps necessary to ensure vendor compliance with the contract.