DAS Procurement BizNet Accounts

How To

Create a BizNet account 

  1. Access BizNet. Opens in a new window
  2. Once logged-in, it’s a good idea to save this page as one of your “Favorites”.
  3. Select the link “Create New Account”.  
  4. Once your Biznet Account is created, you can then create your company profile. You must be logged into BizNet to do this.
  5. From the BizNet Menu select “Doing Business with the State”
  6. From the “Doing Business With The State” menu, select “Company Information”
  7. Select “Add Another Company”
  8. Continue through all the screens until completed.  Note: When entering your company's F.E.I.N (AKA Tax ID number) if the BizNet system recognized that number then you will need to contact the Procurement Division at 860-713-5095.