DAS Procurement BizNet Accounts


BizNet is a central database and online informational tool for companies looking to do business with the State of Connecticut.

BizNet enables suppliers to maintain and manage their own business account and profile information, such as contact names, business address, email address and much more.  

When interested in doing business with the State, the first thing you should do is establish your Biznet Account and create your profile so you’re ready to respond to future solicitations.

Suppliers can also upload their State affidavits, nondiscrimination forms and insurance documents through their company BizNet account.  These documents are shared only amongst state agencies so redundant requests for this information is avoided.  

For DAS/Procurement Division solicitations, BizNet enables suppliers to upload their entire bid response through the system as paper documents are not accepted.

Companies that are currently certified through the DAS Supplier Diversity and/or DAS Construction Contractor Pre-Qualification Programs already have active accounts in BizNet and will have the ability to access and update their company information electronically.

See additional instructions in the Documents/Forms section on this page.