Office of School Construction Grants Policies and Memos


08-16-2018  Office of School Construction Grants & Review School District Overview Presentation 

10-24-2017 There will be a School Safety Infrastructure Council meeting on October 24, 2017 in the Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Avenue, Room 2B Hartford CT. Agenda

8-8-2017  Using DAS State Contracts on School Construction Projects: This workshop is co-hosted by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Office of School Construction Grants & Review and DAS Procurement.  It is open to all school districts, design team members, construction managers, and program managers.   Read this flyer for more information and how to RSVP.

2-22-2017 Conceptual and Schematic Design Review:  To provide assistance and direction to LEAs’ school construction projects at an early stage, when changes and suggestions can be most productive, effective immediately, all school projects seeking State grant assistance as a “Priority List Project” shall be reviewed by the Office of School Construction Grants and Review at the “conceptual design” phase and again at the “schematic design” phase in addition to the currently required reviews.  

The conceptual design review shall be scheduled with OSCG&R as soon as the conceptual design consisting of the educational specifications (EdSpecs), the architectural program, a conceptual design scheme, including options, if relevant, and a preliminary budget are developed.  
The schematic review shall be scheduled with OSCG&R as soon as the schematic design, an outline specification of assemblies and systems, and a schematic cost estimate are available.  

For those Priority List projects already underway, which have not yet completed a Design Development Review (DDR), a conceptual design review or a schematic design review as may be appropriate, should be scheduled immediately.  If the LEA is unsure of these new review requirements, please call Angela Gelineau at (860) 713-6490 for assistance. 

September 20, 2017 Deregulated Energy & Wholesale Electricity Presentation Lunch & Learn
We focus on explaining the available competitive pricing options for the Residential, Commercial and Institutional energy markets.

January 25, 2017 Presentation: The DAS Office of School Construction Grants & Review gave a presentation at the Legislative Office Building on Wednesday January 25, 2017.  

DAS Division of Construction Services Presentation on New Procedures for the School Construction Grant Program | October 9, 2015.  The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) has created two new policies and procedures for the public school construction grant process. One concerning plan review and the other, cost reporting.

09-23-15: Office of School Facilities name change to Office of School Construction Grants (SCG).  
Effective September 23, 2015, the Office of School Facilities has changed its name from the Office of School Facilities (OSF) to the Office of School Construction Grants (SCG). In conjunction with this change, the Office of School Construction Grants has changed all of its applications, checklists and other formal documentation from the prefix “ED” (i.e. ED042CO, ED046, etc.) to “SCG.”

10-11-13: ** New ED053 Form and new Site Approval Process **
Site Analysis and Environmental Planning: The district is highly encourage to coordinate and possibly arrange for a planning meeting prior to submitting a State grant-in-aid application for a School Building Project when site selection is involved, environmental resources may be impacted, and/or if the project may need State/Federal environmental permits or approvals. Click here for more details. 

Connecticut Green LEAF Schools Program 
The Connecticut Green LEAF Schools program Opens in a new window Opens in a new windowis a collaborative effort of the Connecticut Departments of Administrative Services, Education, Energy and Environmental Protection and Public Health, as well as many Connecticut environmental and educational organizations created to promote green and healthy schools for all. 

Green LEAF Publications
Letter to School Superintendents to participate in the Connecticut Green LEAF Schools Program (March 15, 2013)

What is a Connecticut Green LEAF School?

12-26-12:  Letter from the State Fire Marshal Regarding School Security Questions. 
Many local fire marshals have been contacting the Office of State Fire Marshal for guidance related to school safety. The State Fire Marshal has prepared the attached FORM SCG-7012 State Fire Marshal letter in response to the requests for guidance.  

09-17-12:  ** NOTICE Regarding CGS 4b-91(a) Requirements for School Construction Projects **
Please be advised that, in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 4b-91(a), contracts for construction, reconstruction, alteration, remodeling, repair or demolition of any public building or public works by a public agency paid for in whole or in part with state funds and estimated to cost more than five hundred thousand dollars shall be awarded to a bidder that is prequalified pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. Sec. 4a-100 after the public agency has invited such bids by notice posted on the State Contracting Portal ("Portal"). Please see the attached notice for a full description regarding Conn. Gen. Stat. Sec. 4b-91(a) requirements for school construction projects.