Office of School Construction Grants & Review


The Office of School Construction Grants & Review (OSCG&R) performs two major functions, the administration of school construction grants and the architectural plan review procedures required for said grants.

OSCG&R is led by Interim Director Noel Petra.

The Grant Office:

  • Processes and evaluates school construction grant applications
  • Prepares the annual School Construction Priority List
  • Issues State grant commitments
  • Monitors and tracks school construction project documentation, data and approvals
  • Processes payment requests and calculates grants

The Plan Review Office:

  • Determines adequacy of proposed new school facility sites
  • Reviews all project documents including construction plans and specifications for bid approval requirements and grant eligibility
  • Reviews project change orders
  • Issues project approval to bid letters
  • Develops and implements School Construction Standards and Guidelines
  • Reviews school construction cost estimates