HVAC Indoor Air Quality Grants for Schools


2022 HVAC Indoor Air Quality Grant for Schools


Effective July 1, 2022, Public Act 22-118 established a new reimbursement grant program for public school districts to install, replace, or upgrade heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) systems or for other projects to improve indoor air quality. 


The Department of Administrative Services (DAS)'s Office of School Construction Grants and Review is working to create applications and procedures for this new program and will issue a notice to all school districts when the program is open.


There is a limited amount of funding for these grants for the next fiscal year, and there will be one application deadline later this year. Funding to extend the program beyond the one year will require budgetary authority by the legislature.  


DAS will award grants based on the following criteria: 

  (A) the age and condition of the current HVAC system or equipment being replaced
         or upgraded in the school,

  (B) current air quality issues at the school, 

  (C) the age and condition of the overall school building, 

  (D) the school district's master plan, 

(E) the availability of maintenance records, 

(F) a contract or plans for the routine maintenance and cleaning of the HVAC system, and 

  (G) the local or regional board of education's or regional educational service center's ability to                   finance the remainder of the costs for such project after receiving a grant under the program.                 Reimbursement grants will be based on the district’s existing reimbursement rate percentage.


We will issue more details about how and when to apply for these grants by Fall 2022.


We encourage all Districts to review and become familiar with the legislation (linked above and below) to facilitate your application approvals.


The HVAC grant legislation starts at Sec. 367 - https://cga.ct.gov/2022/ACT/PA/PDF/2022PA-00118-R00HB-05506-PA.PDF