File School Construction Change Orders

How To

Completing FORM SCG-042.CO, Notice of Change Order

In the appropriate boxes, provide:
  1. The Local Education Agency (LEA) name
  2. The name of the Facility where project is taking place 
  3. The State Project Number with the letter suffixes indicating project type (Note: projects granted renovation status are identified with suffix RNV)
  4. The State Change Order Number (SCO #) being submitted. All State Change Orders submitted to our office must be SEQUENTIAL regardless of phasing. Multiple contractor change orders can be listed on page 2 of 2. 
  5. The Contractor Change Order Number (optional). This space is provided for your record keeping purposes if maintaining identification numbers which differ from the State numbers. 
  6. The Original Construction Contract Sum is the sum total of the awarded publicly bid trade contracts. This number is typically the “hard cost” of the construction project for which you are submitting a change order.
  7. The Net Cost of All Previous Change Orders indicates a complete summary of the construction contract revisions. For example, if submitting SCO #1, this line will be $0.00. For SCO #2 this will be the total amount shown as the cost of SCO #1, regardless of eligibility determination. For SCO #3, this will be the total amount of SCO #1 plus SCO #2, etc.
  8. The Cost of This Change Order is the sum total of the ELIGIBLE ITEMS + INELIGIBLE ITEMS shown on page 2 of 2, and must match exactly to the sum total of the State Change Order Summary required to be submitted. FORM SCG-042.CO values which do not match the submitted State Change Order Summary spreadsheet will either be returned to the LEA as unreviewable, or will have a pro-rated cost adjustment made for the difference in the change order values and shown on the determination letter.
  9. The Reason for change and/or description of unforeseen circumstance. Briefly describe the change and the reasons therefore, code requirements, unforeseen circumstance or emergency situation which led to the making of this change order. Enclose attachments as necessary to justify costs. 
  10. Certifications: Check the appropriate box in the certification section indicating if the change order is being submitted as fully eligible, fully ineligible, or partly eligible and ineligible. Obtain all signatures and dates on the appropriate lines. Note that the date(s) shown in the certifications section are not relevant to the six-month submission requirement.
  11. For the Eligible Items and Ineligible Items, give details of the cost of the change order, or indicate “refer to attached spreadsheet”.  Costs for items new to the contract, or project cost increases are shown as positive numbers. Deletions or decreases to project are shown as negative numbers. List and total the cost changes for all eligible items included in this change order in the spaces provided, and list and total the cost changes for all ineligible items included in this change order in the spaces provided. The sum of all eligible items and ineligible items will be the total value to be shown on the front page on the Cost of this Change Order line.

 the FORM SCG-043CO State Change Order Summary, spreadsheet
  1. All change order submissions MUST utilize FORM SCG-043.CO State Change Order Summary,
  2. DO NOT create your own form.  DO NOT use an Excel spreadsheet that “looks like” or “is similar to” the state form. Change order submission received that do not utilize this exact State form will be returned as unreviewable. 
  3. The Change order summary is not a change order.  It is required to be submitted for the OSCG&R to perform an eligibility review, but the date the summary sheet is electronically delivered has no relationship to the “issued” date or the "received" date of a change order or the six-month submission requirement.
  4. Itemized breakdowns are required for change orders including both eligible and ineligible items.
  5. Identify repair and replacement costs in existing buildings, and work outside of school property lines. 
  6. Refer to the Ineligible and Limited Eligible Costs Worksheet for reference. 
  7. Allowance work must be noted on the spreadsheet with amount of the allowance used clearly shown.
  8. Indicate the NAME OF THE SCHOOL where the work took place.
  9. Indicate the SCHOOL DISTRICT submitting the change order.
  10. Indicate the CONSTRUCTION MANAGER firm name.
  11. Indicate the ARCHITECT of record for the project.
  12. Indicate the STATE CHANGE ORDER number. State change orders must be submitted in sequential numerical order.
  13. Indicate the firm name of the Trade Contractor and the bid package or type of work that the contractor is performing, for each contractor on the jobsite.  For example, ABC Contracting – Site Work, or the WXYZ Corporation – General Trades. Contact the OSCG&R if your project has more than 33 trade contractors.
  14. Indicate the sub-contractor change order number for each trade contractor.  Add additional lines to the spreadsheet if more than 10 individual change orders have been issued to any one trade contractor in the state change order you are submitting.
  15. Provide a short narrative (description) of the work involved with each change order line item.
  16. Indicate the date the change order was issued to the trade contractor.
  17. Indicate the Sub-Contractor CO amount of each individual change order for each subcontractor listed. Do not include CM change order fees, bond costs or sales tax to the trade contractors change order amount.
  18. Indicate if the work involved a back-charge to another trade contractor on the jobsite. All back-charges must be reconciled with the ADD (additional cost of work) and the DEDUCT (an amount equal to the cost of the work shown as being paid by the back-charged trade contractor) balancing out. Unreconciled back-charges are ineligible for reimbursement, but will still be shown by the OSCG&R as an eligible credit.
  19. Indicate if the costs submitted for the work is eligible or ineligible for grant reimbursement. Carefully review the Bulletin of Common Change Order Ineligibilities dated 2/10/16 indicating typical ineligible change order costs on the DAS website prior to submitting a change order. The sum total of the eligible and ineligible columns must equal the total amount of the change order submitted. Each and every cost for change orders submitted must have backup documentation provided which fully explains and justifies the need for the change order being issued, and all of the costs associated with the change order.

Completing the Backup requirements

  1. All change orders submitted for review and determination of eligible costs MUST have back-up documentation provided electronically.
  2. Provide clear and complete copies of all backup materials related to change order costs.  Documentation submitted must:

    - Be legible.
    - Note: Partial or illegible copies will not be reviewed, and costs associated with illegible  _photocopies will be classified as ineligible.
    - Be complete.
    - Include:
    - Hourly field tickets
    - Rental receipts 
    - Prevailing wage rate information
    - Architect’s RFI responses
    - Architects Supplemental Instructions (ASI’s) 
    - Email correspondence
    - Trade contractors PCO’s
    - Sketches (SK’s) issued regarding the change order 
    - Any other information required to back-up the cost expenditure.
    - Maintain clear delineation of each contractor change order.  
    - Do not photocopy backup information required for a trade contractor onto the back face of another trade contractor’s change order paperwork.
    - Do not reduce 36” x 42” drawings to 8 ½” x 11” 

  3. Clearly indicate the State Change Order Number (SCO No.) being submitted. All Change Orders submitted to our office MUST BE NUMERICALLY SEQUENTIAL regardless of phasing, starting with state change order no. 1
  4. Email the completed FORM SCG-043.CO State Change Order Summary to