File School Construction Change Orders



  1. Complete the Notice of Change Order FORM SCG-042.CO
  2. Complete the FORM SCG-043.CO State Change Order Summary excel spreadsheet
  3. Provide clear and complete copies of all backup materials related to change order costs.  
  4. Clearly indicate the State Change Order Number (SCO #) that you are submitting.
  5. Clearly indicate the reason for each change order.
  6. All state change orders submitted for review must be sequential, starting with CO #1, regardless of phasing.
  7. Email completed Change Order summary to
    - Summary sheets are collected in a mailbox that is unmonitored
    - Do not include salutations or information in the body of the email
    - The subject line of the email must start with the State Project Number
    - Include the Project name after the project number
    - Include the Project type classification (CV, RNV, RR, E/A, etc.)
    - Include school type (High school, M/S, E. S., Pre-k~3, etc.)
    - Include the State Change Order Number being submitted
    - Emailed summary sheets not formatted correctly will delay review
    - Examples of acceptable email subject line submissions include:
    - 099-0234 RNV   North Branford MS – CO #1
    - SPN#034-0119 RR   Danbury High School C/O 12
    - 004-0001 E/A Avon PreK-5 school: change order No. 3
    - Examples of unacceptable email subject line submissions include:
    - JFK high school – change order
    - Waterbury 151 - C/O 12
    - TMP-004-JJLP:  No. 3
  8. Hand deliver, or overnight deliver, your completed change order to:
    Robert Celmer, AIA, LEED AP
    450 Columbus Boulevard – Plaza Level
    Hartford, CT 06103
    Phone: 860-713-6480