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  • DAS State Owned Facilities Operations

    The DAS State Facilities Operation Unit manages approximately 6.7 million square feet of state-owned floor space in occupied and vacant state buildings.

  • DAS Statewide Security Services

    The DAS Statewide Security Unit provides for the overall physical security of the state employees, clients, visitors and assets of the State of Connecticut in both state-owned and leased facilities.

  • Information on Environmental Compliance for DAS Facilities

    The DAS Environmental Compliance Unit provides technical expertise regarding all facets of environmental health and safety for DAS-owned, managed and, on a limited basis, leased properties.

  • Capitol Area System (CAS) District Heating and Cooling Loop

    The Capitol Area System (CAS) Management Unit operates the CAS district heating and cooling loop in the Hartford Capitol District which services 13 state buildings and four private buildings, totaling over three million square feet of building space.

  • DAS Bureau of Property and Facilities Management Services

    The DAS Bureau of Property and Facilities Management administers the operations, maintenance and security of state owned buildings located throughout the Hartford Area and major cities in the state including: Meriden, Mystic, New Britain and Waterbury.

  • DAS Facilities Planning and Technical Services

    The DAS Facilities Planning and Technical Services Unit develops and maintains a three year capital improvement plan, ensures ADA compliance, life and safety as well as environmental compliance.

  • DAS Alert System

    An electronic notification system for CT state employees about work day contingencies such as cancellations or delayed openings, as well as emergency situations that may arise.