Office of Education and Data Management

Here at DAS, we provide all types of state services. One said service is within a little known, but important office, the Office of Education and Data Management (OEDM). OEDM plays a large role in the training of fire and building officials. 


OEDM performs all credentialing responsibilities - including training, testing and records maintenance - for the Office of the State Building Inspector (OSBI) and the Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM). OEDM is responsible for training and accrediting Building Code Enforcement and Fire Officials, as well as providing code-related instruction to individuals in the allied trade and design professions.


We work closely with the Office of the State Building Inspector (OSBI) and the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM), and educational and code organizations, building trade and professional associations, local utilities, government agencies and the private sector to develop and teach timely and relevant training curricula.


OEDM has started its fall training schedule, using the new Learning Management System (LMS) effective last May. All career development classes are webinars this semester, and each class is offered one morning and one evening and has three questions for participants to answer to earn continuing education credits. Last year, OEDM trained 6,049 individuals in career development classes.


Trainings in the series include:


  • updates to the state’s residential and commercial building codes

  • requirements for fire protection in boatyards and marinas

  • standards for fire safety of interior finishes of buildings

  • conducting vehicle fire investigations

  • understanding new and resilient technology

  • terminating electrical connections; and 

  • updates to the State Fire and Fire Prevention Codes


The Fire Investigator training program began September 12th, and prerequisites, assignments and exams are built into the LMS. The training program is a pilot program using all the features of the system. The program is a hybrid offering for both in-person and online training.


LMS has also changed the way OEDM does business on the administrative front. In support of the Governor’s digital government initiative, all functions are now online. Building and fire code officials have their own accounts in the system where they can apply for pre-credential training programs, exams and outside credit; register for career development live classes, webinars and online training; and easily look up their credit hours and print their transcripts. The system generates training receipts, and for live programs, attendance will be taken using a QR code on a cell phone or tablet.  


Using the LMS replaces paper applications being mailed, faxed, and scanned. The LMS hosts a live catalog of OEDM programs where Code officials can register in just a couple of clicks! Select your course, add it to your 'cart', and check out to register. And the best news is, OEDM programs are still free! We look forward to you joining us soon.