Get Notified About State Jobs!

The State of Connecticut is a great place to work. We offer competitive pay, great benefits, and flexible work schedules. 


So how do you know what job interests you if you want to work for the State of Connecticut?


Through our Online Employment Center (OEC) you can track what jobs interest you by filling out an online interest card.  Once completed, the system will notify you when we are hiring for that position.


To do this, select Interest Cards from the dark gray menu located on the side of the Online Employment Center home page or simply watch this video.


The State of Connecticut has limitless employment opportunities!  Doctors, secretaries, maintenance, accounting, and more. And our online employment center, along with filling out an online interest card, is a great way to start finding your career in the State of Connecticut.


We pride ourselves on providing our employees with professional opportunities that are comprised of serving the public through meaningful work while embracing a culture of work-and-life balance.  Plus, we are also an equal employment opportunity organization.  


So, sign up and apply for a job and track other opportunities through the job interest card.


There’s no better time than now to find your dream job with the State of Connecticut!