DAS Recognizes International Project Manager's Day

The State of Connecticut owns a lot of property and buildings that are required for governmental administration, education, defense, recreation, etc. About 3,500 facilities. These facilities require additions, renovations, maintenance, and repairs. DAS Construction Services Project Managers are the “pointy end of the spear” in administering and managing these efforts. We can be found in Real Estate and Construction Services (RECS) at DAS.

Construction Services Project Managers are part of a State Job Category of design and construction professionals that includes Assistant Project Managers, Associate Project Managers, and Project Managers. This class is the pinnacle for the career of a design and construction professional in state service. These professionals are placed in a highly responsible position where they oversee and manage all aspects of their assigned projects from initiation, and design through project completion. They represent that agency on their assigned projects and have the authority and responsibility as client liaisons to negotiate professional services contracts, monitor and direct design progress, and manage schedules. coordinate bidding, contracting and contract management, construction administration, financial management and close out.

Currently, we have 19 project managers of all classes in our unit. Our project managers call the DAS Real Estate & Construction Services Division its home. They operate in three (soon to be four) teams; 1) General Government, 2) Tech Schools, DESPP & Agriculture, and 3) Colleges, Universities and DEEP. Each is led by an Assistant Director of Project Management (ADPM). This busy bunch of professionals is collectively responsible for $1,500,000,000 in design and construction projects for 24 State Agencies.

Projects are diverse and can be as small as a $1,000,000 building repair to a $200,000,000 new regional technical school. Some of the notable projects that our project managers are overseeing or have recently completed include State Office Building Renovation in Hartford, the New Business School for Southern Connecticut State University, the renovations to the Connecticut Veteran’s Cemetery in Middletown, the new Bullard Havens Technical High School in Bridgeport and the new Health and Human Services Academic Building at Southern Connecticut State University. DEEP’s new Western District Headquarters is under construction now at Black Rock State Park as well as the Connecticut’s Army National Guard Readiness Center in Putnam and a major door and window replacement project at the Osborn Correctional Institute.

This International Project Management Day, we recognize and celebrate the professionals who keep the state’s projects moving forward.

We have two more blog posts queued up for today that spotlight two of our DAS Project Managers.