DAS Facilities Management Oversees Recycling at 450 Columbus Blvd. Complex - It's Working!

For three years now DAS Facilities has been working to keep the office complex at 450 Columbus Blvd in Hartford from depositing too much garbage into local landfills.

The recycling program is a group effort between DAS Facilities and Konover Commercial Corporation, the building management company hired to run the day-to-day maintenance and operations of 450 Columbus Blvd.

Konover is promoting and enforcing this program.  Informational flyers have been forwarded to all resident agency representatives and compliance flyers were distributed with every recycling container in the building.

On average, the complex recycles approximately 40% to 45% of all material that leaves the facility. 

In addition, agencies recycle confidential paperwork (i.e. documents containing personal identifying information) through Infoshred of East Windsor, CT.  These documents are collected in locked bins and picked up weekly by the contractor.  Infoshred processes this material into a large collection truck and removes the material from the property.  This recycling program reflects a significant portion of the white office paper recycled at 450 Columbus Boulevard each month. After adding confidential white paper recycling by Infoshred, total recycling compliance is closer to 60-65%.

From November 2016 to April 2019 the 450 Columbus Blvd complex has recycled approximately 788,182 lbs. of recycled paper associated with the confidential paperwork program. 

As a result of these efforts the following resources have been conserved:

6,700               Trees

14,975             Gallons of Oil

2,758,641        Gallons of Water

1,615,774        Kilowatt Hours of Energy

1,970               Cubic Yards of Landfill space

The recycling program implemented by Konover here at 450 Columbus Boulevard is saving taxpayer money and contributing more to recycling.  DAS Facilities has also rolled this program out to other state-managed buildings.


Recycle Sign 1 Recycling Sign 
Recycling Trash cans Infoshred 

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