It's Career Development Month 2022

On November 1, 2022, Governor Ned Lamont proclaimed the month of November Career Development Month in the State of Connecticut. This celebration recognizes the ongoing importance of setting career-related goals, as well as the training, education, and professional opportunities that make such development possible. 


Notably, Career Development Month extends beyond the State of Connecticut to the national scale. Promoted annually by the National Career Development Association (NCDA), this month allows students, prospective workers, and employers across the country the opportunity to identify their career goals and participate in career-enhancing activities. NCDA highlights their mission “…to provide professional development publications, standards, and advocacy to practitioners and educators who inspire and empower individuals to achieve their career and life goals.”


In Connecticut, groups such as the Connecticut Department of Labor are supporting Career Development Month by highlighting resources available to assist job seekers and those wishing to enhance their career development. Specifically, CTDOL’s website has detailed information regarding the state’s nineteen American Job Centers, which provide job-related assistance to both job seekers and employers. Additionally, the state’s job bank, CTHires, equips job seekers with information about open positions throughout the state and tools utilized for career and skill development. Furthermore, CTDOL’s Office of Apprenticeship Training offers a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities for those seeking training-based opportunities. 


Governor Lamont’s proclamation reaffirms the State of Connecticut’s commitment to offering a variety of occupations and industries to job seekers, including fields spanning from the arts to advanced manufacturing. In addition, the State of Connecticut continues to promote career development for current and future employees through promotional and educational opportunities. For example, Leadership Associate positions offer prospective employees the opportunity to participate in formal development programs designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to qualify for an appointment to a designated managerial or professional confidential class.


The Department of Administrative Services supports these efforts and encourages job seekers to visit the JobAps website for available positions with the State of Connecticut. Additionally, visit the Job Search Agent and fill out Interest Cards for specified occupational groups to be notified via email of any job openings. Find out more information on how to fill out Interest Cards HERE


Whether you seek to set new career goals or participate in opportunities to develop your skills, the DAS EEO unit wishes you a successful Career Development Month!