DAS Receives Important Bond Funding

With this week’s bond commission meeting, DAS has been approved for a couple of significant repair projects to some of our state facilities. The functions of the State Bond Commission are to determine whether it is in the state’s best interest to approve project funding requests on an agenda submitted by the Governor. DAS operates several State properties, and we are committed to public health and safety, and efficiency in our buildings. We’re grateful to Governor Lamont for his support of our work and these efforts.  We have received funding to: 

  • Replace rooftop units and associated compressors at 55 West Main Street in Waterbury for $900,000.  The existing equipment has exceeded its useful life. This address hosts the CT Parole Board office, a Human Rights Commission office, Revenue Services office, and several other state agencies serving the Waterbury area. 

  • Support replacement of the Fire Alarm system at 110 Sherman Street in Hartford for $75,000. The existing system has exceeded useful life and parts are difficult to find for repairs. This building hosts several divisions of the CT Attorney General’s office. 

  • Pursue upgrades to the Energy Management System at 39 Woodland Street in Hartford for $130,000 and replace the Fire Alarm system for $75,000. The existing system has exceeded useful life, parts are obsolete and difficult to replace. This facility hosts the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System as well as the Soldiers Sailors and Marines state office. 

These projects will enhance the working conditions of our employees, extend the life of the building’s usage, and are an important long-term investment. Thank you again to our partners across the Lamont administration, and the Governor for making this a priority.