9 Ways Amazon Business Services helps State Agencies increase small purchase efficiencies

When you think of online shopping, what comes to mind?  Amazon!  Millions of shoppers all across the world are using Amazon for their personal shopping needs.  It’s easy and efficient, there are great deals, you can find just about any product you need, and they are committed to excellent customer service.  It’s a shopping experience that many online retailers strive to replicate.  Why can’t the Amazon shopping experience be applied to government purchase needs?  Now it can! 

The State of Connecticut, Department of Administrative Services/Procurement Division is excited to announce the launch of a new program between DAS and Amazon Business Services. Effective August 28, 2019, Amazon Business purchases are allowed and recommended for General Letter #71 (non-contract) purchases. DAS has established a central Amazon Business account for use by all executive branch agencies.

Highlights include:

  1. One-stop shop for non-contract spend.
  2. Free (2-day) Shipping.
  3. Automatic/Blanket Tax Exemptions
  4. Guided Buying – Ability to set up approvals and workflows, ability to float Connecticut companies to the top of your requests for quotes (including SBE/MBE certified companies to help agencies meet set-aside goals), automatic blocks on products covered under existing state contracts.
  5. Business pricing and quantity discounts not found on Amazon.com.
  6. Prime cost savings!Agencies no longer have to pay for separate prime accounts.
  7. Increased purchase volumes resulting in increased annual p-card rebates!
  8. Increased analytics and spend visibility.
  9. Dedicated customer support.

The use of Amazon Business is permissive under General Letter #71, and another automated tool DAS has put in place to enhance your procurement toolbox.  We anticipate increased cost savings of 5-10% on these non-contract purchases based on the embedded competition within the Amazon Business open marketplace.

Agencies can contact DAS/Procurement at 860-713-5095 with questions. 

More information about the program can also be found on our website at: https://portal.ct.gov/DAS/Procurement/Contracting/Amazon-Business.

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