DAS Construction Services - List of SBE and MBE Opportunities

How To

Read the following documents:


Receive Notifications of DAS/CS Request for Qualifications (RFQs):

  • Sign up on DAS BizNet for Daily Email Alerts to be notified of new RFQs issued by DAS/CS.
  • NOTE:  RFQs are advertised every two years.  After selection of firms, the RFQs are closed and cannot accept new applications.


Find a DAS/CS RFQ:

  • Go to “Currently Posted” Solicitations on the DAS State Contracting Portal.  Under “Organization”, select “Administrative Services, Construction Services”. Look for open RFQs for SBE and MBE Firms.


  • Go to the Apply section of these instructions to find DAS/CS RFQs for SBE and MBE Firms.


Submit a Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) Submittal Booklet for an open RFQ: 


Submit Affidavits and Certifications: