Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority

Private Plan Options

While the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act applies to all Connecticut businesses with one or more employees, employers may apply for an exemption if they offer the same benefits to all employees through a private plan. Although employers have the ability to apply for an exemption, individual employees are not permitted to opt-out. 


In order to qualify for an exemption from Paid Leave benefits through the Paid Leave Authority, employers must offer a plan to all employees that provide all of the same rights, protections, and benefits as Connecticut’s paid leave program.

In order to be approved, a private plan must:

● Offer at least the same number of weeks of benefits
● Offer at least the same level of wage replacement for each week of benefits
● Include no additional requirements or conditions
● Deduct the same amount from employee paychecks as the state plan
● Cover all employees through the duration of their employment
● Apply to all current and future employees at your business
● Be approved by a majority of your employees
● Remain compliant with any additional requirements established by the Paid Leave Authority


PFMLI Private Plan Policy

Note: Private plans cannot present a substantial risk to the solvency of the Paid Leave Authority Trust Fund.