Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority


Appointment Name Board Role
Chief Executive Officer
Andrea Barton Reeves CEO
Commissioner of DAS or Designee Josh Geballe Chairperson
Commissioner of Labor or Designee Daryle Dudzinski  
Commissioner of DECD or Designee Glendowlyn Thames  
Secretary of OPM or Designee Paul Potamianos  
Governor at large Molly Williamson  
Governor at large Henry Zacardi  
Governor at large Richard Duffy  
Speaker of the House Sal Luciano
Majority Leader of the House Justin Zartman
Minority Leader of the House John Scott
President of the Senate Adrienne Cochrane  
Majority Leader of the Senate Fran Pastore  
Minority Leader of the Senate Michael Soltis  
Treasurer or Designee Alex Marcellino

Comptroller or Designee Eva Bermudez Zimmerman