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EMF Best Management Practices

The following documents are part of the proceeding record for Petition 754: Best Management Practices for Electric and Magnetic Fields.
Siting Council Technical Analyst:  Robert Mercier
Pre Filed Testimony
   United Illuminating and Connecticut Light & Power
      Errata Pages
   Department of Public Health
   Joint Filing of UI, CL&P and the Department of Public Health
   Additional Comments
       Exhibit A
       Letter to CSC

  Revisions to the Best Management Practices for Electric and Magnetic Fields
  (EMF BMP's)

   CSC Revisions and Updates to the EMF BMP and CSC Memorandum Requesting Comments

   CL&P Letter on Magnetic Field Policies n MA, NY, and FL 02/13/14
   UI Letter (no comments on revisions) 02/14/14