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PETITION NO. 1415 –  CF Boombridge LLC declaratory ruling, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §4-176 and §16-50k, for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of a 5.0-megawatt-AC solar photovoltaic electric generating facility on approximately 27 acres comprised of 3 abutting parcels located generally northeast of the intersection of Boom Bridge Road and Anthony Road and south of Interstate 95 in North Stonington, Connecticut and associated electrical interconnection. (petition originally filed by Greenskies Clean Energy, LLC)

PETITION (received 06/23/20)
Cover Letter
List of Figures:
Figure 1 - Site Location Map
Figure 2 - Proposed Project Area Aerial
Figure 3 - Zoning Map
Figure 4A - Tax Parcel Map 119 - 0928
Figure 4B - Tax Parcel Map 119 - 6313
Figure 4C - Tax Parcel Map 119 - 7862
Figure 5 - Site Survey
Figure 6 - Proposed Project Layout
Figure 7 - Slope Map
Figure 8 - Construction Schedule
Figure 9 - Prime Farmland Soils Map
Figure 10 - Wetlands Delineation Map
Figure 11 - Core Forest
Figure 12 - Aquifer Protection Area Mapping
Figure 13 - Public Water Supply Watershed Map
Figure 14 - Groundwater Classifications, North Stonington, CT (CTDEEP)
List of Appendices:
Appendix A - Permit Plan Set
Appendix B - Electrical Drawings & Equipment Specifications
Appendix C - Operation & Maintenance Documentation
Appendix D - Draft Decommissioning Plan
Appendix E - Carbon Debt Analysis
Appendix F - Phase 1 & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
Appendix G - Stormwater Report
Appendix H - Cultural Resource Assessment Documentation
Appendix I - Wetlands Delineation Report & Vernal Pool Study
Appendix J - Wildlife & Habitat Review Documentation
Appendix K - Public Outreach Documentation
Appendix L - Site Soils Information

Council Letter to the Town of North Stonington, 06/26/20
State Agencies Comment Memorandum, 06/26/20
Council Interrogatories to Greenskies Clean Energy LLC, Set One, 8/03/20

Department of Agriculture C.G.S. §16-50k No Material Impact to Prime Farmland Determination Letter, 7/08/20
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection C.G.S. §16-50k No Material Impact to Core Forest Determination Letter, 08/20/20

Council on Environmental Quality Comments, 07/23/20


Schedule, 06/25/20

Service List, 06/29/20
Service List, 08/26/20

Petitioner - Greenskies Clean Energy LLC
Greenskies Clean Energy LLC Responses to Council Interrogatories, Set One, 08/17/20    Cover Letter
Exhibit A - Site Plans
Exhibit B - Revised Stormwater Management Report
Exhibit C - Inverter and Noise Levels
Exhibit D - FAA Notice Criteria Tool
Exhibit E - Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC)
Exhibit F - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District Vernal Pool Best Management Practices
Exhibit G - Vernal Pool Analysis
Exhibit H - Photo Log
Greenskies Supplemental Response to Interrogatory 4, 08/21/20

Council Decision and Staff Report, 10/09/20
DEEP Natural Diversity Data Base Final Determination - Mitigation Plan letter, 10/19/20
Greenskies Condition Submission - DEEP NDDB Determination, 10/23/20

Council Acknowledgement of Submission, 10/27/20
Assignment of Rights to CF Boombridge LLC Letter, 01/21/21
Council Acknowledgement of Assignment of Rights, 01/28/21
Notification of Construction Start, 04/19/21
DEEP Stormwater Permit Approval
Electrical Design Plans and Interconnection Route
Final Structural Design for the Racking System
Council Acknowledgement of Condition Submissions, 04/20/21
CF Boombridge Letter Regarding Conservation Area, 04/27/21
Council Response to Letter Regarding Conservation Area, 04/28/21
Notice of Construction Completion, 06/08/22